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Maintenance recommendations for exterior clear factory applied finishes

Clear exterior finishes general information

Testing indicates that with good site practice and regular cleaning, the coating system will perform for 3 years + before redecoration is required. Experience to date also suggests it could last longer than this depending on the aspect of the structure, local weather conditions etc.

Windows and doors must be cleaned and inspected at least twice a year to prolong their life. The following guidelines apply to both interior and exterior surfaces

On a vertical painted surface streaking will be minimised if the surface is washed from top to bottom.
Superficial surface dirt can be removed by washing with water and a damp cloth. Remove heavier accumulations with a mild solution of household detergent. Always wipe the surface well with clean water to remove excess  etergent

  • Avoid leaving detergents and other liquid cleaners on wood substrates to prevent possible absorption.
  • Avoid saturating the product.
  • Do not allow abrasive tools, strong detergents, ammonia, bleach, solvents or other harsh cleaning chemicals to come into contact with finished surfaces.

Maintenance Cycle
It is recommended that all structures coated should be visually inspected for defects that may impair the durability of the finish or underlying timber at least twice a year.

Any blistering, cracking or flaking should be dealt with immediately, as follows

  1. Wash the window frame/door with a mild alkaline cleaning solution.
  2. Sand away cracked and flaking paint, and scrape off any resin that may have seeped out of the wood.The damaged area must be returned to sound bare wood.
  3. Shakes, cracks and gaps in timber to timber areas should be filled with elastic modified silicone filler suitable for exterior applications (such as Geocel The Works) and allowed to dry following the manufacturer’s  instructions.
  4. Finish with minimum 3 coats of Ronseal Crystal Clear to the area of the repair following the application and drying recommendations.
  5. Avoid painting in rain or when the window frame/door is damp.
  6. Seal failure requires specialist repair.

After a period of time depending on exposure the surface will need to be restored to the original appearance. This should be carried out as follows: clean surface, allow it to dry fully, then lightly sand timber surface with 320 grit abrasive paper. Apply one or two coats Ronseal Crystal Clear to bring the surface back to the original level

General recommendations

  • Any cut surface, particularly that exposing end grain must be brush coated with preservative and then coated with at least one full coat of an alkyd or acrylic paint suitable for exterior application before the joinery is in a fixed position.
  • If the paint finish film is damaged it must be repaired immediately. Failure to do so will result in reduced durability of the coating system.
  • Frames should not be rubbed down with coarse sanding paper.
  • Failure to follow the above recommendations may affect this warranty and the long term performance of the windows.
  • Avoid painting in rain or when the joinery/ timber is damp. Also avoid painting in direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.




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