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There are ordinary conservatories and there are the beautiful oak framed conservatories you’re considering. Go on, imagine your perfect conservatory. Can you smell fresh sawn oak and feel the traditionally handcrafted green oak under your fingertips? The reality isn’t far away – we’ve handcrafted traditional and contemporary oak framed conservatories for discerning customers since 1979. Now it’s your turn…

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More than just wood in your conservatory

Imagine transforming your property with one of our oak-framed conservatories in the finest European oak lumber. As part of our meticulous design, planning, manufacturing and installation, we only use the most carefully chosen oak.

After site survey and listening carefully to your requirements, we draw up plans. Alternatively, we can recreate every detail from your drawings.

We welcome factory visits during design and manufacturing. They’re a great way to fully understand what goes into your conservatory. From the time-tested pegged mortise and tenon jointing to each painstakingly-designed truss, you’ll see that our workshops aren’t production-lines. Instead, we hand craft your conservatory’s oak frame with traditional joinery techniques such as these:

• Eye-catching scrolling.
• Traditional post and beam construction.
• Classic stopped chamfers.
• Draw-dowelled mortise and tenon jointed assembly.

Naturally, like all our oak framed timber structures, we’ll tailor yours to complement your property’s unique architecture and style.

When it comes to green oak framed conservatories, we know what we’re doing. We’ve been designing, manufacturing and installing conservatories since the 1970s. Look at our portfolio to see what we can do. Now imagine our craftsmanship in your conservatory.

Since starting business, we’ve designed, manufactured and installed hundreds of bespoke oak conservatories in Lincolnshire and elsewhere in Britain. No two are the same – that’s an attraction of traditional timber construction and our brand of green oak carpentry.

Oak framed conservatories

Look at our photographs and see the quality and attention to detail in our conservatories. One of our specialities is green oak and glass structures for installation on bases constructed by others. We can help with this as well as providing site set-out and base plan drawings with builders’ requirements.
We also do structural calculations. Conservatory construction usually requires structural design input with calculations for truss design and roof loading – usually under local authority building control. Based on your design, we’ll tell you what calcs and drawings are needed and prepare them. Don’t worry if you’ve already got architectural design drawings without structural calculations. We’ll spare you the cost of getting an independent structural engineer to do them.
With design complete, we manufacture your oak frame structure in green oak and kiln-dried oak to accommodate modern double-glazed structures. Because we’re specialist door and window manufacturers, your conservatory comes with our double-glazed 70-profile windows, factory-fitted with drainage glazing beads to ensure no water ingress.
Other standard features include green oak posts, draw dowel mortise and tenon-jointed sills, and ring beams for longevity. We never cut corners; that’s why, when you entrust us with designing, manufacturing and installing your conservatory, you can count on us for everything – as well as knowing about green oak trusses, we can even advise on choosing conservatory furniture!

We can sometimes help with related builders’ work, but only within a realistic distance of our Lincolnshire base. Of course, we’re always happy to help your building contractors (for instance, with any required drawings), especially where they must build bases and walls while we manufacture the timber structure. Because accurate setting out is so important, we can liaise with your builder by phone or email to help interpret architectural detail and drawings where insufficient detail was provided by an architect.

Of course, although we liaise with customers’ own builders for groundwork and bases, we only use our own installation team to erect your structure.

Shrinkage and Movement
There’s no escaping the fact that green oak is an inherently unpredictable material. Green oak frameworks will shrink, distort and split in service. This is not a defect; on the contrary, it’s part of the material’s charm and what gives oak-framed buildings their unique character. The oak grain will raise and emit tannins that can stain the oak, and masonry, with water marking. This will eventually stop, whereupon the staining can be removed and the character will remain.

Contact us for oak framed conservatory ideas

Look at the detail in our photographs and see how we design and hand craft the kind of conservatories you’ve always imagined owning.

With our help, designing, hand crafting and installing your beautiful oak framed conservatory is remarkably straightforward. Imagine how you’ll enjoy your conservatory,

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