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What types of stairs are you considering? Whether you have a clear idea or you’re open to suggestions about designs and hardwood types, we realise visions for hardwood staircases – and make stairs that are a focal point in homes and commercial premises like yours…

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All kinds of beautiful hardwood staircases

After several decades making all types of staircases, we’re proven specialists in designing, manufacturing and installing all types of traditional stairway in fine hardwood.

Traditional staircases
• Victorian staircase designs
• Classic grand staircases

It’s the same for modern contemporary staircases. The craft skills involved in design, manufacture and installation of our hardwood staircases may be traditional, but the end result complements the most modern architectural styles and lifestyles:

Contemporary staircases
• Floating stairs

Modern and classic hardwood staircases with character

Whether you’re a designer, builder or property owner, we help you develop and refine your stair ideas. Once you’ve viewed the information on the following pages, please contact us for a no-obligation chat about your staircase décor or ideas. As we mentioned, we specialise in stairway joinery that brings traditional and contemporary staircase ideas to life.

Read on to learn more about the hardwoods you can specify, the staircase configurations we make, the hardwood joinery techniques used and the finishes we apply. The choice is yours. Time and hundreds of satisfied customers show that we know how to build stairs – modern or classic staircases packed with character and practicality

State of the art staircase manufacture

Imagine how one of our hardwood staircases will enhance your property. Learn more about traditional staircases and contemporary staircases.

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