Parkwood factory apply Alkyd Acrylic coatings to all exterior timber products. These coatings are spray applied in a controlled environment to give an even, hi-performance finish.

Parkwoods coating supplier (Kortec) has formulated a ‘brush applied’, re-coat to compliment the original factory applied finish.

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Note: Colours shown on this site are for guidance only.
Due to variations in computer displays, the ‘colour swatches’ below should not be taken as a representation of the true colours.


Application in brief:

  • working in favourable weather conditions
  • Lightly De-nib (Scotch bright pads are good for this)
  • Touch prime only where wood is bare
  • Apply coat on coat
  • Do not sand back to bare wood
    Remember – Scotchbright pads will scratch glass


We believe solvent based paints are not compatible with Alkyd Acrylic based paints.

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