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Once we’ve designed, manufactured and installed your new hardwood structure or joinery, ongoing maintenance is the key to maintaining its properties and maximising your enjoyment for decades. Here’s what we, and some of our main coatings suppliers have to say…

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Maintenance of external joinery in windows and doors

Caring for your Joinery Products with Proper On-site Maintenance starts with the idea that wood is a natural product that requires maintenance.

We don’t currently provide a maintenance service. However, we offer Sikkens redecoration joinery coatings in 2.5L and 5L tins mixed to colour for brush application.

Sikkens redecoration products that are brush applied may differ slightly from the factory-applied spray coating but are the recoating products recommended by Sikkens. At Parkwood we stock 2.5L tins of Sikkens BL31 in translucent and opaque colours that match our standard colours.

Parkwood warranties state the following:

1. The client shall maintain the external joinery in service and water shall not be allowed to penetrate into the timber.

2. The factory-applied coatings are not guaranteed and will require maintenance as detailed below.

3. We recommend that the frames are inspected annually, when the appropriate maintenance should be applied.

4. Only microporous coatings shall be used to maintain the timber.

Redecoration recommendations

• Parkwood recommend that a maintenance redecoration cycle be undertaken, which takes consideration of exposure.

• South and west facing elevations may require a more regular inspection than north and east elevations.

• Sheltered locations e.g. beneath porch or large roof overhang can expect to re-coat every 5–6 years.

• Partly sheltered locations e.g. window built back into reveal can expect to re-coat every 4–5 years.

• Unsheltered location e.g. face of building can expect to re-coat every 3–4 years.

To help you understand your responsibilities prior to recoating your joinery, the following is the Sikkens Recommended Care & Maintenance for opaque finishes.
Guidance for general maintenance and redecoration
The joinery that we have manufactured has been paint finished with factory-applied Sikkens opaque coatings.
General cleaning
Wash with hot water and liquid detergent solution to remove any contaminants. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water, remove all residues and allow to dry.
Mould & Algae
Areas affected by algae and mould should be treated with a solution of one part household bleach and two parts water. Allow the solution a minimum of 20 minutes to work, before washing off with clean water and a stiff nylon brush. Allow to dry.
Check for damaged areas
If there are any areas of coating damaged or revealing bare wood please follow the remedial instructions below.
Surfaces affected by abrasion or damage
Remove all signs of surface damage by manually abrading with the appropriate abrasive material. Ensure all abrading is undertaken in the direction of the grain and the dust is removed. Avoid inhalation of the dust.
Denib using a fine grade of Scotch-Brite. Do not break through the surface coating. Remove all dust. Avoid inhalation of the dust.
Patch Priming (Sikkens Cetol BL opaque)
Patch prime any bare wood with one full coat. Ensure end grain is well coated. Only apply in dry weather and allow a minimum drying time of 4–6 hours.

For more information

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